Doctor Q Pediatrics offers a full array of services to help your child maintain good health. You can read more on this page about specific services and understand the purpose of each visit.

Problem Visit

.Discussion of any new health problem,illness or injury. A every day visit when patient is sick.some examples are:

abdominal pain,fever,conjunctivitis,colds,strep throat,ear infections etc.

Managment of chronic, ongoing health problems and/or medications.Like ADHD medications,Asthma ect.This visit mostly have a copay or deductible at your out-of-pocket cost to you.

Preventive/Wellness visit.

Conducting an exam based on your age and gender.

Providing advice about staying healthy.

Identifying risk factors.

Keeping immunizations up to date.

Annual preventive/wellness visits are covered by many health insurances plans.Potentially with no out-of-pocket expenses cost to you.

Federal law requieres us to bill services for preventive care and problem visit  separately.